Gentle Yoga

Julie Renaud
Certified Instructor

Gentle Yoga
Private Lessons
In person or via live video
To schedule or discuss
call 919-389-9080
or email me at 

Call me if...
  • you are a beginning yoga student looking to start with a strong foundation
  • you haven't done yoga in a while and want to get back into it 
  • you want to develop a home practice 
  • you already have a regular home practice and want to get feedback
  • you find group classes too big, impersonal or intimidating
  • you want ongoing lessons that are always designed specifically for you
  • you want to focus on a particular issue (tight shoulders, back pain, balance, etc.)
  • you want to learn yoga poses that will help you golf/swim/run/etc. better
  • you want to continue doing yoga during recovery from an injury or surgery
  • you want to learn more about Restorative Yoga
  • you are ready to feel better

Private yoga lessons are like working with a personal trainer, except that we will use the holistic methods of yoga. Together we will work to improve your overall well-being and address specific concerns.