About Julie


My Approach to Teaching Yoga


Over the years, my beliefs about yoga have come down to this: 

1.    If you can breathe, you can do yoga.  

2.    Yoga should never hurt.

3.    Yoga poses should be adapted for the individual’s body, 

       rather than trying to force the body into a pose.  

4.    Gentle Yoga allows every person to access the benefits of yoga.    

5.    It is important to include the healing benefits of deep relaxation in your practice. 

6.    Yoga is best learned one-on-one or in very small groups.  


My approach is a mix of ideas and philosophies from many teachers, gathered over the last twenty years through ongoing yoga education.  I have come to appreciate the focus on alignment and the use of props from Iyengar yoga, the value of restorative yoga from Judith Lasater’s work, and the dignity in modifying poses for special populations from Carol Krucoff and Kimberly Carson, among others. 

I continue to study on my own and with others as part of my personal practice and my professional education.  

How I Got Started

I have never been an athletic person.  Although I took aerobic classes in my twenties and thirties, I only went because I knew I "should" exercise.  But I didn’t enjoy it. 

As I got closer to 40, I began to experience aches and pains in my body.  My hip ached after a casual walk around the neighborhood.  My knee hurt going up and down stairs.  My body was too young for this!  I thought yoga might help so I bought a mat and a couple of video tapes and started there.  Eventually I signed up for a weekly class.  After a few months my hip didn’t hurt anymore and my knee was working fine.  A few years later, yoga got me through shoulder surgery and continues to reduce the symptoms of the arthritis in that joint.  

I was grateful for the physical benefits, and delighted by the deeper mental and emotional changes that followed.  Yoga has given me the tools to feel strong and able and peaceful – even in trying times.  Now approaching 60, I feel better than ever.  

     Supported back bend using a “yoga whale.”

Yoga Takes Over My Life

In 2008 I was certified as a yoga instructor and began teaching one class – after work with my office coworkers.  Within a couple of years I opened a small studio and made yoga my fulltime profession.  Teaching brought so many unexpected joys.  It has been my privilege to witness the healing benefits of yoga in others.  Students have shared with me that they feel better physically and mentally – on and off the mat. 

After operating a yoga studio in Raleigh, NC for five years, my husband’s work took us to Nashville, TN.  While there, I took a break from teaching to continue my yoga education.  A year of study confirmed the direction I had been moving in all along.  

I now focus on teaching Mindful, Gentle Yoga, creating lessons to suit each student.  

2020 has been a strange and scary year for everyone.  But it also brought great joy.  I became a grandmother and have moved back to NC.  My focus remains working with individuals and small groups, offering my unique approach to yoga.  

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"I really want you to know that I cherish my fledgling yoga practice and I think you have a real gift as a yoga instructor. Your dedication and  discipline are evident.   I have not been this pain free in a very long time and I believe that yoga is responsible for a very large part of that."  Donna M.