Benefits of Yoga

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·         Increases flexibility  
·        Strengthens muscles
·        Reduces stress
·        Improves balance
·        Lowers blood pressure
·        Improves breathing ability    
·        Promotes self-awareness and self-acceptance
·        Improves sleep
·        Eases arthritis pain  
·        Supports weight loss
·        Improves joint health and range of motion
·        Increases feelings of well-being and contentment
·        Improves posture        
·        Improves function of immune system
·        Strengthens bones
·        Increases cardiovascular efficiency
·        Improves ability to focus
·        Stabilizes digestive system
·        Encourages healthy habits
·        Increases body awareness
·        Relieves pain
·        Stimulates the relaxation response


    “Since I've started practicing yoga, I've found that I not only sleep better, but I know how to help my body relax so sleep comes easier.  I've found that my body has lost a lot of those little aches and pains that would crop up after standing or sitting too long.  I also like that I now have some ways to slow myself down when needed -- love the breathing part of yoga!   Thank you for these sessions.  I love what my body is able to do in some of the poses now, and the way it feels when I leave.  Yoga has been a wonderful gift, and I look forward to every class with Julie.”  ~ Kim J.