The Details

Gentle Yoga is suitable for all bodies and abilities.  
I offer private lessons so that I can give personalized guidance and instruction.  If needed, poses are adapted to accommodate your current physical experience, rather than forcing your body into unrealistic positions.  This allows everyone to experience the benefits of yoga.

You are unique, you bring your own story to the yoga mat, and so each lesson is designed just for you.  I provide lessons that allow you to advance at your own pace, working at your own level of strength, flexibility and safety.


For 1 or 2 people:

One Hour

To schedule or discuss
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“I hope that you continue to teach yoga wherever you are.  You are an incredible woman, and a phenomenal teacher.   I feel fortunate to have learned so much from you, about yoga, and about myself.   I can't explain the amazing impact you had on my life at a time that I felt the most fragile.  I deeply appreciate your kindness, patience, and everything you did for me!!”     ~ Janelle